MetroHealthAnesthesiaMeeting Minutes

March 2008

  1. Purpose: a) we need to meet once a semester, b) collate info—we need to track what the department is doing for the RRC, to include abstracts, manuscripts, books, chapters, presentations; it is important for RRC to see that we are producing science AND including residents! c) it is good to be able to collaborate on projects
  2. Old projects: when we publish a paper please let Dr. Gordon know so that the work can be sited on our web site. This also gives us the advantage of having it all in one place for when we are reviewed as a teaching department.
  3. Current projects: there are always projects going on, please send a list to Wagner once a semester so that we can keep a running log for our teaching purposes. Also, we need a medium for discussion of science/projects. “Blog” is useful because not everyone needs to meet at same time, you can post messages and have discourse 24/7. Also, department can glance at it and see what is going on and maybe get involved in projects they think are interesting! Communication is the key! Dr. Gordon (and probably Dr. Volts) will be helping get our system up and running.
  4. Future Projects: we are never at a loss for ideas, only time, manpower and money. By improving communication we may be able to improve our productivity. Besides, who wants to go to more meetings (the Blog can prevent meetings even eliminate the need for some of them!)?
  5. Med Students: Chester Scholars coming soon (college students), Case anesthesia club, random med students. They all come to the department. Let me know if you would like to work with some or all. They are not abundant, but they are interested.
  6. Resident Scientists: Our research has been increasing in popularity with the residents. We need to keep encouraging them. They can do their own projects or get involved with on-going projects. They are writing abstracts, book chapters, manuscripts, teaching. Kudos to Drs. Kosik, Marciniak, Sheth and Astley our Resident Scholars this year. Hopefully more will follow in their footsteps.
  7. Lab space: Did you know we have a lab? For experiments not involving the OR. The GCRC is available and under used. They would love it if someone wanted to do something there.
  8. Physician Scientist Program: Case has some special programs for residents and attendings who would like to be better trained in conducting research. Let me know if interested.
  9. IRB—if you think you might want to do a project sometime… get your CREC certification early and get listed with the IRB. This way you don’t have to wait for the thankless paper work to get to the fun part.
  10. Keep research fun!

Greg Gordon MD