MetroHealthAnesthesia Statement of Mission and Vision


    MetroHealth is an Academic Health Care System committed to Our Communities by Saving Lives, Restoring Health, Promoting Wellness, and providing Outstanding, Life-long Care Accessible to All.

Our vision for the future is compelling - who we want to be in 5 years



    • National leader in reducing health disparities through research and provision of comprehensive care to underserved communities and vulnerable individuals
    • Nationally recognized leader in trauma care and recovery, and high-risk perinatal care
    • Committed to signature programs of clinical excellence that fuel our growth and viability
    • Innovator in providing health care and wellness promotion to the communities’ elderly populations
    • Provider of choice for those seeking value in high quality, compassionate care
    • Employer of choice providing market-competitive compensation and pride of mission
    • Leader in collaborating with political and health care systems to ensure access to health care for those without adequate financial means
    • Operationally excellent to assure the financial performance necessary to secure our mission

Guiding Principles (which embody our values)

  • We respect the dignity of those in our care, serving them with compassion and high quality, regardless of their ability to pay.
  • Excellence in teaching and research is fundamental to our ability to deliver outstanding care.
  • We practice evidence-based medicine, and assess our performance based on patient outcomes, safety and quality.
  • Employees and their passion are our greatest strength.
  • We function as a partnership of faculty, staff and management.

Greg Gordon MD