MetroHealthAnesthesiaTrauma Anesthesia Rotation

MetroHealthAnesthesia Faculty

  1. The first 2 weekdays of the rotation will be 07:00 to 19:00 to allow for proper orientation.
  2. The resident should work with Sue Taylor prior to the rotation to have the necessary paperwork filled out, to obtain an ID Badge, security access, and the ability to access your pharmacy Pyxis system.
  3. The resident will be scheduled for a Friday-Monday call one week and a Saturday call the other week.
  4. Other than the 1^st two orientation days and the two call/post-call days, the resident will be scheduled 07:00 to 17:00 with flexibility based on educational case learning experience. (An appropriate trauma case may require the resident to stay late on any given evening and of course a 10 hour separation of time from when the resident leaves to when they return the next day should be observed. Likewise, if there is not a busy schedule or an appropriate trauma case that the resident should participate in, the resident may have an occasion to leave before 17:00 on a weekday.)
  5. The resident will participate with all of the Metro Residency didactics.
  6. The resident should not have any vacation scheduled for this time.

Greg Gordon MD