MetroHealthAnesthesia Daily Anesthesiology Resident Evaluations

MetroHealth Anesthesiology faculty regularly submit written evaluations of residents in each of the following seven areas on a scale from 1 (unsatisfactory) to 7 (outstanding) using the following guidelines.

I. Room Preparation

Unsatisfactory: Critical equipment not ready or missing (e.g., machine not checked, no larygoscope or suction, etc.)

Average: All equipment present

Outstanding: Room well-prepared and organized, nothing extraneous

II. Preop Evaluation

Unsatisfactory: Important information missing or overlooked (e.g., recent MI, previous history of anesthetic problems, difficult airway, etc.)
Average: No important information lacking
Outstanding: Complete problem-oriented preop done - well documented and well organized

IV. Technical Skills

Unsatisfactory: Unable to do straightforward procedures
Average: Does routine procedures well, has difficulty with harder procedures
Outstanding: Technically very adept

V. Case Management

Unsatisfactory: Fails to recognize or appropriately treat significant problems (BP, decreased SpO2, etc.) or fails to call for help when appropriate
Average: Does well with routine problems, some difficulty with more complex issues
Outstanding: Correctly and expeditiously recognizes and treats problems, major and minor

VI. Knowledge

Unsatisfactory: Major gaps in essential knowledge base, or inability to apply knowledge to the clinical situation
Outstanding: Excellent knowledge base, appropriately applied

VII. Essential Character Traits

Unsatisfactory: Lacking one or more of: honesty, reliability, responsibility, ethics
Outstanding: Extremely reliable, dependable, ethical and responsible

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