What's New 2000?

19 December 2000

Check out the New Educational Info section: Intravenous Anesthesia, under construction now!

12 December 2000

A warm welcome to our new Anesthesiologist Assistant,
Andrea Regan, AA-C!

27 November 2000

Congratulations Dr. Dharmesh Mehta! Baby girl, Riya Mehta (6 lbs 3 oz) arrived today!

1 November 2000

A warm welcome to our new CA-1 Resident,
Dr. Yanping Duan!

20 October 2000

A fond farewell to Dr. Charanjit Bahniwal, who has satisfactorily completed our grueling but thoroughly rewarding anesthesia residency training program! Dr. Bahniwal now begins an Anesthesia Pain Management Fellowship in New York.

8 October 2000

Congratulations! Baby Boy Jwaida, seven and one-half pounds, was born 8 October 2000! (Yes, the happy father, our own Dr. Bassam Jwaida, was able to be present, thanks to our very generous Dr. Cristian Prada who came in post-call to take most of the new Dad's call!)

29 September 2000

A fond farewell to our departing Anesthesiologist Assistant,
Louis Von Breuning, AA-C!
Good luck in Savannah, Georgia!

5 September 2000

A warm welcome to our new Nurse Anesthetist,
Charles Johnson, CRNA!

14 August 2000

A warm welcome to our new Attending Anesthesiologist
Judith Haas, M.D.!

1 August 2000

A warm welcome to our new CA-1 Anesthesiology Resident,
Dharmesh Mehta, M.D.!

28 July 2000

Fondest farewell to our Stephanie Kasirajan, AA-C! We will miss you!

11 July 2000

Congratulations to our Dr. Tony (and Deanna) Chang! Christopher Anthony (7 lbs. 2 oz) arrived at 11:11 today!

5 July 2000

A warm welcome to our new Attending Anesthesiologist
Irving Hirsch, M.D.!

1 July 2000

Congratulations to our new Chief Resident, 2000,
Dr. Sam DeJoy

30 June 2000

Farewell and best wishes to our departing Anesthesiology Residents,
Nageswararao Kanumuri, M.D.,
Tikhon Kim, M.D., and
Emil Michaels, M.D.!

29 June 2000

A warm welcome to our new CA-1 Anesthesiology Residents,
Bassam Jwaida, M.D. and
Xiao (Sue) Wu, M.D.!

22 June 2000

A delicious dinner and a delightful time was enjoyed by all at our 2000 Annual Resident Appreciation Dinner at the Hyde Park Chop House.

5 June 2000

The 2000-2001 Resident Rotation Schedule is now available.

1 June 2000

Yes! Our Anesthesiologist Assistants return to work today! On the afternoon of 31 May 2000, Ohio Governor Bob Taft signed the Bill authorizing their immediate return to work. Congratulations to us all for weathering this crisis! WELCOME BACK AA'S!

22 May 2000

Anesthesiologist Assistant Crisis, Day Seven.
One of two letters to Governor Taft, asking for help in speeding passage of S.B. 278 to get our AA's back on the job.

16 May 2000

Anesthesiologist Assistant Crisis!
Suddenly, at 1500 this afternoon, we learn that we must do without the wonderful help of our twelve Anesthesiologist Assistants! The conservative reaction of the President of our Ohio State Medical Board, Carol L. Egner, M.D., to the
written opinion of our State Attorney General, Betty D. Montgomery, leaves us no choice but to await legislative relief. Our AA's can and we hope soon will be officially licensed by the State of Ohio to do the fine job they have been doing well for thirty years! The Senate has already unanimously passed the relevant legislation (S.B. 278), and the House vote is imminent. We sincerely hope and believe the absence of our AA's will be brief.

24 April 2000

Fond fare well and best wishes to our departing anesthesia care team members Mike Krupa and Louise Patterson!

6 March 2000

Our former Mr. Louis Smith is now our Mr. Louis Von Bruening!

20 January 2000

Congratulations! Anthony Umina (6 pounds, 11 ounces) was born 20 Jaunuary 2000!

12 January 2000

The Tuesday Morning 0700 Conference Schedule!

1 January 2000

A big warm welcome to our new CA-1 Resident,
Cristian Prada, M.D. !

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