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28 December 1999

The 2000-2001 Tuesday Afternoon Resident Learning Schedule!

14 December 1999

A big warm welcome to our new Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist,
Donna Rybka, CRNA !

7 December 1999

Three more abstracts added!

29 November 1999

Recent Publications List opens!

23 November 1999

Research Section opens with first abstract, Boyer DL, Smith CE, Hagen JF: Evaluation of the WuScope fiberoptic laryngoscope system in patients receiving cricoid pressure, 1999.

19 November 1999

ABA Policy Update regarding credit after unsatisfactory Clinical Competence Commitee report.

18 November 1999

New educational lessons added: Airway Section including material on the difficult airway, selected intubation technics including blind nasal, digitally-assisted, flexible fiberoptic, and retrograde technics, and the pediatric airway.

29 October 1999

Best wishes and so long to departing senior resident,
Dr. Mohan Kareti
and our departing attending anesthesiologist,
Dr. Satish Joshi.
Dr. Joshi plans to provide anesthesia care to the fortunate citizens of Gallion, Ohio.
Alumni Page initiated.

21 October 1999

Resident Rotation Schedule now online!

19 October 1999

A big warm welcome to our new Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist,
Rita Thomas, CRNA !

14 October 1999

Congratulations to our new
**Board Certified** Anesthesiologist
Dr. Tony Chang!!

12 October 1999

New name: Dr. Emil Mihaylov is now Dr. Emil Michaels!

1 October 1999

Anesthesiology Links updated. Twenty new links added.

15 September 1999

Three fresh smiles adorn our home page!
By popular request, the MHA department members-only, password-protected section of site is now under development. (JAVA-enabled browser required.)
Submit requests for useful content of this section to our webmaster.

31 August 1999

So long and warm wishes to our departing Chief Resident,
Joy Loy, M.D. ! Dr. Loy heads next to Cincinnati, Ohio, to do a Pediatric Anesthesia Fellowship at Children's Hospital Medical Center.

17 August 1999

A big howdy to our new Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist,
Rebecca Bidinotto, CRNA !

16 August 1999

A warm hello to our new Attending Anesthesiologist,
Matthew A. Joy, M.D. !

6 August 1999

Fairwell, best wishes to our departing attending anesthesiologist,
Sudha Sawkar, M.D. !

31 July 1999

So long, best wishes to our departing resident,
Katrina DeSantos, M.D. !

26 July 1999

Welcome back and congratulations to Satish Joshi, M.D. !
Rohan Joshi was born on 5 July 1999!

16 July 1999

Welcome back and congratulations to Mohan Ettyreddy, M.D. !
Anjana Ettyreddy was born on 30 June 1999!

13 July 1999

A warm welcome to our new Anesthesia Assistant,
Kellye Kaufman, AA-C !

1 July 1999

So long, best wishes to our departing resident, Rod Yamat, M.D.,
and our departing dental anesthesia resident, Terry Klise, D.D.S. !
A warm welcome to our new residents:
Tikhon Kim M.D., Clinical Anesthesia 3,
Irina Pashkovskaya M.D., Clinical Anesthesia 1, and
Al-Mouthana Rajab M.D., Clinical Base !

17 June 1999

Our Resident Appreciation Dinner at the Hyde Park Chop House proved to be a fine feast!
Congratulations to Tony Cooper, M.D., whom our residents voted
Staff of the Year 1999 !

17 March 1999

Welcome back Allison Umina !
Madison Lee Umina (7 pounds 1 ounce) was born on 7 January 1999 !

14 March 1999

Test your knowledge! Residents, check your answers.
Take the Malignant Hyperthermia Quiz! 25 fun questions of all kinds: type K, multiple choice, true-false.

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